Desktop Publishing 

This is one of the easiest Desktop Publishing Software in the world.  DOS based.

Jetsetter Specifications


Just look at these exciting features which makes this one of the easiest and user friendly DTP software.

21 fonts for Jetsetter Gold,
70+ for Jetsetter Platinum.
Wide range of Font Families. Most fonts in normal, bold, italic, outline, tones, stripes, reverse, fountain fillsand any combination from 4pt to 750pt in .1pt steps.

Graphical User Interface: Similar to Windows 98. Easy to understand - no confusing icons or ambiguous symbols.

Text Input: Text can be typed directly on the screen and will be displayed instantly exactly as it will be printed, or text can be prepared in the integral Text Editor or other word processors.

Text Editor: Sophisticated Text Editor accessible via a HotKey. Search/replace, word count etc.

Spelling Checker: 100,000 word Spelling Checker. UK English as standard.

Word Processors: Files from Word Perfect, WordStar and MicroSoft Word can be loaded, or ASCII.

Point Sizes: Point sizes from 4 to 750 points in 1/10 pt stages.

Character Set: International IBM-8 Character Set allows use of foreign characters.

Page Formatting: L/R Margins, Full Justification, R Justification, Centring, 25 Tab positions.

Editing: Redo, Copy, Move, Delete or Fit any object, group of objects or frame.

Controls: Hot Keys, Mouse, Cursor Keys.

Hot Keys: For instant Editing, Moving, Copying etc directly from keyboard.

Letter Spacing: Variable character spacing in 1/10th point steps.

Word Spacing: Variable from 0.1 of an M (M width) in steps of 0.1 of an M.

Line Spacing: (Leading) Pre-selectable from -50 to +50pt or infinitely variable on a block of text.

Paragraph Spacing: Variable paragraph spacing from 0 to 50pt for even more sophisticated layout.

Automatic Kerning: Adjusts the space between pairs of letters for better appearance eg AW, Te, VAT.

Hyphenation: Hyphenates words automatically when typed in or when text is flooded into frames.

Text Flow: Text can flow around irregular shapes and graphics automatically.

Page Layout: Redo, Copy, Delete, Move or fit any object(s) to any size. Edit single lines or text in frames. Multi level Undo. Snap to Grid. Cut & Paste, Page Overlays, Portrait & Landscape etc.

Table Function: Uses equal spaces between figures for tabulated figure work eg financial reports etc.

Cut & Paste: Cut and save a section for use on another page, even pastes portrait/landscape.

Page Overlays: Pages can be merged to create overlays.

Page Orientation: Both portrait and landscape modes supported.

Page Archiving: Save/retrieve pages/documents from hard or floppy disk. Tab positions and margins saved.

File Manager: Comprehensive file manager for load, rename, copy, preview, delete files etc.

Zoom/Page View: 100% on screen display, fully WYSIWYG in normal size or reduced full page view. Also choice of 1", 2 or 4X magnification for accurate positioning.

Drawing Features: Line Drawing - choice of 0.1 to 10mm (0.1mm steps), includes polylines with arrows option. Choice of square or round cornered boxes, circles and ellipses.64 grey levels and Fountain Fills (variable) available for any objects. All shades, stripes etc are available for character fills. 16 borders (116 in Platinum).

Angled Text: Type text at any angle directly on screen in 1ø increments, nudge around, edit.

Curved/Traced Text: Create text to curve or trace around any shape on screen.

Graphics Input: Accepts .PCX .PCC .PIC .IMG or HPGL files. Enlarge to twice original size.

Output: Outputs to printer, .PRN printer file, ASCII, .PCX (Graphic) or PostScript files.

Printing: Options to reduce or enlarge printouts from 30% to 200%. Also option for “mirrored" printout.

Colour Printing: Up to 16 colours on one page selectable from 16 million. Print spot colour separations, including registration marks.

Clip art: Over 350 graphics images included included in rhe Platinum version.

Labelling: Automatic step and repeat label printing, mail merge, barcode printing & serial numbering (Platinum only).

Templates: A collection of styles and templates are included with Platinum version.

Tech support: Hotline technical support is available.

Hardware Required

JetSetter is a DOS application and is designed to operate on standard Personal Computer (but not Mac) equipment without the need for additional hardware or firmware.

Computer: Any IBM PC & compatibles.
Memory: 640 KB (minimum).
Disk Drive: 3.5" / CD
Hard Disk (2 MB free disk space required).
Monitor:  Colour
Graphic Card: Most.
Operating System: MS-DOS 3.1, Windows 95, Win 98, Win XP. (Can be run as a DOS application under Windows). It does not work with Windows Vista. 
Supported but also works using only the keyboard.
Direct Printers: Lasers, HP LaserJet+ and Compatibles (Parallel port preferred), Canon LBP4/8, Dot Matrix, IBM printer, Ink/Bubble Jets, HP DeskJet, Canon Bubble Jets, 100% compatible PostScript Typesetting machines or laser using LPT1 printer cables. Modern USB printers can be accessed via Windows Printers Utilities.